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  • Contribute to Millennial PAC!

    As we move ahead with our electoral plans in 2017 and 2018, we have the opportunity to help candidates get started now so they can be successful on Election Day. Help us support strong candidates by contributing to Millennial PAC now. [Click here to contribute:]

  • Year-End Report

    This past year, 2016, was Millennial PAC's inaugural year. Converted from a congressional campaign committee into a multi-candidate PAC, we set forth to help elect candidates who support communities that serve us all while increasing the net diversity of our elected officials. Our elected representatives and the candidates on our ballots must reflect the communities they seek to serve.

  • Millennial PAC – Here We Go!

    Millennial PAC is launching! We'll have events, information, and opportunities to support great candidates leading up to Election Day 2016. Sign up now to help Millennials take our seat at the table!

  • Millennial PAC – Not Just for Millennials

    My name is Jon Tollefson, and I began this year by running for Congress in my home district of Minneapolis’ western suburbs. In April, I made the decision to suspend my campaign for Congress in order to throw my full support behind a strong candidate who I believe will win in November.